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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Why a lonely vampire?

The answer to the above question is another question, why not a lonely vampire? The thing is if you look at vampires throughout history, they pretty much lived a solitary existence, that is outside of the Blade trilogy which portrayed vampires as sort of undead clubkids.
But then Blade had Blade as the solitary pseudo vampire who preyed on an established vampire society.
It's part of the mystique of vampires, the loners who live on the fringes. But not the crazy loners holed up in a shack in Montana. The loners who bring something to the table, except for their fatal flaw of preying on humans (no matter how dark and mysterious someone is that's always going to be a drawback, for any sane person anyway).
So if vampires are inherently loners, then what's up with the loneliest vampire, his existence must be especially melancholy yes? Well yes and no, he's actually more of the everyman vampire, who struggles with being one of the undead and dating.
To find out more, read the book, out (and again I don't know why there's still questions about this) June 28th.

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