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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The truth about True Blood.

If you haven't it seen I will tell you this True Blood is a very good soap opera set in the Deep South. From the same people who brought you Six Feet Under, True Blood takes place in a small town and has all of the requisite attractive actors and all of the requisite sex that's the good part.
The bad? The vampires. What's wrong with them you ask, not brooding enough, not tormented enough, not obsessed with their looks enough? No they've got all that in spades, it's more their choice of residence. Why is it always some out of the way no where town, what's wrong with New Orleans? If I was one of the immortal undead I wouldn't be thinking you know what, I need the quiet country life, early to bed, early to rise that sort of thing.
I think True Blood would be a lot better if some of the characters decided they were going to go off to the big city, because damn it if they can make it there they can make it anywhere. Plus who the hell wants to live in Hicksville anyway?

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