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Friday, 27 May 2011

Top 10 vampire movies

They're making another Twilight movie so here's a round-up of vampire films that are actually good, or so cheesy they're good.

#1 Dracula 1931, based on the popular stage, Bela Lugosi reprises the role of Dracula for the big screen, in glorious B&W, as the trailers says: Preying on young women and condemning them to a fate, truly, worse than death! When's the last time you saw a movie advertised like that?

#2 Dracula 1979 starring Frank Langella in the title role and the late great Lawrence Olivier as Van Helsing. Get this tag line: "Dracula the greatest lover who ever lived, died and lived again." Despite that and the fact it's from the 70s it's actually not that cheesy and does have some truly scary scenes.

#3 Dracula A.D 1972, yes that's really the title. Stars Christopher Plummer in his sixth incarnation as Dracula for Hammer films, the little British studio that specialized in Horror films from the 1950s through to the early 70s. This version of Dracula features hippies, hippies turned into vampires, come on what's not to like there? Also performances by the rock band Stoneground (yeah I've never heard of them either).

#4 Blacula, also from 1972 and part of the blaxploitation movement in film in the early 70s. "Dracula's soul brother." Too cheesy not to like. Quentin Tarantino will likely do a remake in a few years, but catch the original now.

#5 Nosferatu 1922, starring the seriously creepy Max Schreck as Count Orlock, Schreck was so convincing as a vampire the rumour was he really was a vampire, hey who knows for sure. At any rate a great film not just a great vampire film. So this is what people do when their economy crumbles, make scary films, could be worse.

#6 Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009, I know how it sounds but this movie starts out with tongue firmly in cheek and stays there. Obviously trying to capitalize on the Sean of the Dead crowd, this well made British film, doesn't quite have the same sly sense of humour, but it is fun.

#7 The Lost Boys 1986, oh right you don't like the Lost Boys starring the two Coreys as wannabe vampire hunters. "The thing I always hated about San Dimos is all the damn vampires," classic line, lots of eighties music and Kiefer Sutherland with a mullet no list of vampire films is complete without Lost Boys on it.

#8 Vamp also 1986 starring Grace Jones as the queen vampire of a strip club where everyone is a vampire, yes Tarantino's Dusk till Dawn is basically a rip-off (surprised anyone?) But Vamp is better, two frat boys and their nerdy tag along go in, who comes back out?

#9 Near Dark 1987, starring Lance Erickson. Roving pack of vampires (although the word vampire is never used) terrorize small towns in the American south west. Told mainly from the perspective of the vampires, actually surprisingly good movie, one of Kathryn Bigelow's early efforts. Would make for a good vampire series today, at least it would be a nice change from all of the soap opery dreck we get now.

#10 Vampire's Kiss 1989, starring Nicolas Cage. Is Nick Cage being turned into a vampire after being bitten by Jennifer Beals, or is  he just insane? More likely the latter but this is one bizarre flick, both somewhat terrifying and very funny.

Honourable mention: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992, the movie that spawned the TV series, a series that had no mopey angst ridden vampires, yay!

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