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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Steam punk fashion

Some people consider steam punk, the marriage of 1890s technology with a quasi-futuristic design concepts (think Jules Verne meets Blade Runner) as yet another in a long line of passing fads.
But steam punk has actually been round for sometime, Jules Verne good actually be considered the grandfather of steam punk and I think you could even throw H.G Wells into the mix.
In The Loneliest Vampire in NYC steam punk definitely forms the books style theme, partly in the way several characters dress and a few of the settings, but mainly in the scenes that take place in an alternative 1900s New York City.

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  1. My ex-boyfriend's daughter is 18 years old and a perfect example of steam punk fashion and philosophy. She's completely in love with "The Invisible Man" lead actor (whose name I can't remember) and knows every B-movie reference with respect to the undead. She's my style icon.