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Saturday, 28 May 2011

A few words about parallel universes

By Alan Forsythe

When people tell me I need to better explain the concept of parallel universes my reply is, as soon as Stephen Hawking gets around to it I'll be right there with an update. In the meantime you're stuck with what we have in terms of physics.
Although really, it's a parallel plane of existence, so sort of the same sometimes, other times radically different, is that concept so hard to grasp? Does Sesame Street need to do a quantum physics show?
Speaking of Sesame Street if the Count is a vampire wouldn't it freak the kiddies out when he tore someone's jugular out. Or was that a lesson as well? You know like, 'how long till she bleeds out, one, two...'

1 comment:

  1. "I kissed his neck and instinct prevailed
    With a bite both tender and savage
    The way a lioness carries her cub,
    The way a vampire touches love"

    From "Nightcap" by M. Winkler