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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Win a free copy of The Loneliest Vampire in NYC!

Hey kids tired of everyone else getting all the cool gifts every Xmas, or are you just sort of bitter and envious in ever day life? Whatever the case may be, including you well-adjusted types (all three of you), this is the contest for you. To enter just 'like' the Loneliest Vampire in NYC page and answer the question, who is Chester K. Elliot? (hints provided on the facebook page). The best three answers will receive a signed print copy of The Loneliest Vampire in NYC and a free kindle edition as well.
I know what you're all saying, "Alan how can you be so doggone generous?" Well let's just say I'm in a giving mood, so take advantage of it before I turn back into a grasping, greedy, bitter old recluse again...oh wait that's Scrooge...still...

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Loneliest Vampire in NYC the perfect holiday book

Ya it's that crazy time of the year again when we all eat too much, drink too much and spend too much. So what's the antidote for all of you out there with sore tired feet from wondering the mall, subsisting on egg nogg lattes and sugar cookies (do you even like egg nogg)?  
The answer is to carve out some 'me' time from your busy schedule and curl up with the perfect holiday book, The Loneliest Vampire in NYC.
"But that doesn't sound like it's a holiday book, it sounds like it's a little creepy and possibly a little sad," some of you out there are saying to yourselves. That's where you're wrong friends, The Loneliest Vampire in NYC is thrilling and exciting, chalk full of all manner of mystical creatures and the undead. And if severing zombie heads from their bodies doesn't scream yuletide cheer then I sure as heck don't know what does.
But The Loneliest Vampire in NYC isn't just about slicing and dicing the weird things that live in the sewer tunnels it's got romance as well...actually a love triangle, exactly a love triangle and all that entails, rampant jealousy, elicit sex, that's as Xmasy as it gets.
So while your loved ones are flipping channels during those long winter nights, trying desperately to find something other that It's a Wonderful Life to watch, and sizing up household items to grab as potential weapons once the inevitable killing spree begins, you'll be off in a quiet corner with a contented smile on your face.
Why? Because you just finished reading The Loneliest Vampire in NYC, and now you're going to read it again and be transported to far off and imaginary worlds where the only people being killed are evil vampires and werewolves. 
Then when someone offers you egg nogg, instead of snarling, "yeah right bitch like I want to drink cheesecake AND possibly die from salmonella poisoning," you simply smile and say, "no thanks, I have all I need right here." The Loneliest Vampire in NYC now available at, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer (provided of course there's also a Kindle in there.) 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rave reviews for The Loneliest Vampire in NYC

This month, I wasn’t sure about which book to write. I hadn’t read any thing ‘transformative’ in a while, but just the same I wasn’t feeling the need to educate or better myself. No what I wanted was a good, rousing story that I could leap into while plunked down on the leather sofa.
In need of inspiration, I turned to the old standby Fang Fiction, perhaps more commonly known as vampire literature. There is, as most of you know, a surfeit of tales regarding all manner of supernatural creatures on the bookshelves (both real and virtual) these days. Most feature a vampire or nosferatu as I like to call them, in some incarnation or other. I perused several, but none caught my fancy, then it happened. I discovered The Loneliest Vampire in NYC.

The Loneliest Vampire in NYC is a wonderfully original novel. Ostensibly about said lonely vampire of the book’s title (Stanley) it is in fact a well-crafted mystical adventure story. Although it is fast-paced enough to entertain even the most benumbed, video game addicted reader, it still finds time to go into the back stories of several key characters and help create a rich universe for these characters to inhabit.
It was in fact in these asides that I found the author, Alan Forsythe, to be at his most masterful in his writing. I found myself rereading the stories (within the story) of Chung Lee Soo and Chester K. Elliot and relished their magical realism.
As a fan of history I also enjoyed the ‘mash-up’ elements, where historical figures and places were melded into the plot.
As I noted, this is hardly great literature, but it is a great take on a genre that has seen a great deal of redundancy in recent years. The author has hinted he has plans to continue the story as a series or at least another book. I do hope this is the case and I look forward to the continuing adventures of Stanley, his misfit companions and his ladylove.

- Jackson Maxwell, Sea to Sky News. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Twilight author cries foul
Mega-selling Twilight author Stephenie Myers (or someone purporting to be that person) has (it's rumoured) on The Loneliest Vampire in NYC's use of a vampire, werewolf, mortalgirl love tri-angle, reportedly saying, 'that's totally what my book was about but that one's all gross and icky so it's kindof twisted.'
Actually the vampire, werewolf, mortal girl  love triangle is a very small part of The Loneliest Vampire in NYC and it's not so much a love triangle as a survivor triangle.
for more see:

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Loneliest Vampire in NYC at Naked Girls reading fan fiction

More Info
Nov 6, 2011 Naked Girls Reading Fang Fiction - a night of toothy literature, hilarious fan fiction, and blood, oh there WILL BE BLOOD!!!

Doors 7:30 - Show at 8pm

$20 front row, $15 regular ($5 more at the door)
Presale tickets available online at

Come celebrate NGR Vancouver's One Year Anniversary in our new home, the Backstage Lounge!
1585 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

With readings by Malvina Masvino, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Riannaconda and Diamond Minx

Featuring "The Lonelist Vampire in NYC" by Alan G. Forsythe - Vancouver Author!! (who will be in attendance)

What is Naked Girls Reading you ask? It is just that, NAKED GIRLS READING. We read, you enjoy. Its a win, win situation for anyone who likes reading and naked girls. Or for girls who like to read while naked.

What the press is saying about Naked Girls Reading:
"The Most Provocative Literary Series in the World” the Globe and Mail
“The best thing to happen to books since they were put on tape.” – Carson Daly, Last Call with Carson Daly
"a refreshing reminder that the literary and the carnal can live in silly harmony” – The Stranger (Seattle)
“What did you get up to last Friday night? If you answered anything other than “went to Naked Girls Reading,” you lose.” – NBC New York
“Certain to catch on” – Time Out NYC
“Appropriately racy…” – Entertainment Weekly