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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

When will The Loneliest Vampire in NYC be available?

The question I get asked a lot these days is when will The Loneliest Vampire in NYC be published? That kind of mystifies me since it clearly states on the Facebook page 'release date June 28th.' I don't think that leaves room for a lot of interpretation, it's not late June, not the end of June, not Juneish, not umm I guess June, or maybe July, it's June 28th.
On to other news: casting for Night of the B Movie begins this week, and to answer another commonly asked question, no it's not a movie, it's a play, a musical to be exact, based, that's right, on B movies.
Night of the B Movie premiers September 9th here in Vancouver but if you can't make it we will try to cut a youtube trailer so hopefully you can get some idea of what we're trying to do.
Speaking of trailers, yes the Loneliest Vampire in NYC book trailer is coming to a youtube channel near you soon. 

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  1. Don't dismiss self-publishing (aka Vanity Press) it's a good way to get your story into people's hands (aka you have my book) and it's not that expensive.