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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Night of the B Movie

Barnaby goes to what appears to be the door to the house/laboratory he opens it and Kimberly and Jennifer enter.

KIMBERLY: Hi, I’m Kimberly, this is Jennifer, Mike invited us, is that the DJ? (she points at the Mad Scientist) where is everyone, how come it’s so quiet? (to Barnaby) Hey cool retro outfit dude.

JENNIFER: Uh, Kimberly this clearly is not the party.

The Mad Scientist stands and walks over to the girls. Barnaby hovers.

MAD SCIENTIST: Well young lady you are half right, this isn’t the party you’re looking for but tonight there will be a celebration here nonetheless (beat) Yes that’ll do Barnaby.

Barnaby shuffles, drags himself to the other side of the stage.

KIMBERLY: His name’s Barnaby?

MAD SCIENTIST: Yes, is that a problem, not colourful enough for you, not ethnic enough perhaps, is that it, mmm?

KIMBERLY: No Barnaby’s cool. I just thought he looked more like an Igor.

MAD SCIENTIST: (disgusted) People! You’re all so tiresome, with your predictable assumptions.

KIMBERLY: God, you’re kind of a downer.

JENNIFER: (pushing Kimberly aside) Ya, ya, I know.  Barnaby’s great, I’m sure he’ll make some woman very happy someday, but what’s this about a celebration?

MAD SCIENTIST: Ah ha, I see now who the brains of the two are.

JENNIFER: Yes and the looks and talent.

KIMBERLY: Excuse me?

JENNIFER: So you were saying?

MAD SCIENTIST: Yes I’m so glad you asked.

BARNABY: (makes loud wailing noise).

MAD SCIENTIST: (to Barnaby) Yes, yes I know you’re excited, but just the same I think it would go better if I explained Barnaby. (to the girls). He’s very eager because tonight of all nights is the night of, dramatic pause, The B Movie!

Thunder clap and lightning flash.


  1. Thank's Sarah. if you live in Vancouver you can come see the entire production Sept 9th - 17th at the Cultch.