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Friday, 21 December 2012

Bilbo Baggins versus the Undead

Those of you who have seen the The Hobbit over the holidays are now familiar with the adventures of Bilbo Baggins. However even if you became aware of the tales of this rare adventurous hobbit as a child, as I did, you still are likely unfamiliar with his less publicized exploits against the undead.

Why doesn't Middle earth have undead, vampires and zombies as we do here on our plane of existence? Many Lord of the Rings fans have asked over the years. The answer of course is that they did and still do, J.R.R Tolkien just never got to that part of the history of Middle Earth, or, as some have suggested, it was just too terrifying to relate to readers of the day.

Now The Loneliest Vampire Blog brings that dark saga to light. But consider yourself forewarned these are tales of terror and horror not lighthearted, adventurous romps. Ironically Bilbo Baggins began his fight against the undead while on his first adventure, as told by Tolkien in 'There and Back Again' a.k.a 'The Hobbit' but left out this element out of his saga, again, perhaps because he felt readers in his day just weren't ready for it.

To be continued...