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Monday, 23 May 2011

Ex presidents who should have been Vampire hunters

There is a book out apparently that covers Abraham Lincoln's days as a vampire hunter. Which got us thinking, naturally, about what other presidents would be good vampire hunters. But let's not go all the way back to Washington, let's just start with modern era presidents, post WWII.
First off Truman, small, wore glasses but extremely determined and not afraid to nuke your ass if needed, good vampire hunter.
Eisenhower, big guy, ex military, good vampire hunter.
Kennedy, young and athletic but not focused enough, easily distracted (and not all vampires are men, some are very attractive females.) Not a good vampire hunter.
Nixon, stoop shouldered, out of shape, possibly evil himself, bad vampire hunter.
Ford, ex-football player but clumsy and out of shape, forget about it - bad vampire hunter.
Carter, despite the wimpy persona, God fearing man, good with tools, tall wiry, jogs, good vampire hunter.
Reagan, pretty much the opposite of Carter, but can't rule out Hollywood factor, good vampire hunter.
Bush Sr., Autocratic, too worried about balance of power, bad vampire hunter.
Clinton, more focused than Kennedy, but not as athletic and same achilles heel, bad vampire hunter.
Bush Jr., keeps in shape, dogged determination to fight evildoers, likes a good war or two, total bible thumper, frankly Bush Jr. missed his calling, possibly the best vampire hunter of the bunch. Excellent vampire hunter.
Obama, in good shape, but may lack the will to push the stake in at critical moment, bad vampire hunter.

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