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Monday, 26 March 2012

Hunger Games and the modern Vampire

With the huge success of the new Hunger Games movie over the weekend we thought we'd sit down and chat with Sylvna the villian/heroine (depending on the universe she's occupying) of The Loneliest Vampire in NYC and get her take on the whole girls/women kicking ass phenomenon.

LVB: So first off have you seen the movie, read the book or both?

Sylvna: Both, I liked them. My only criticism is that Katniss chick needs to up her game a bit.

LVB: How so?

Sylvna: She's wayyyy to nice or good or whatever you want to call it. She kind of waits around for everyone else to make a mistake, which is great if you get lucky, but I think at some point you got to start   impaling people.

LVB: But isn't the point that she's not evil, she's trying to preserve her humanity in the face of a barbaric game?

Sylvna: I guess, whatever. I'd rather just tear out a few hearts and get back to shopping.

LVB: You say that but what would the 'good' Sylvna say?

Sylvna: What are you talking about, I am good, I'm not that evil bitch running around Manhattan. is that who you thought I was?

LVB: Well you two do look a lot alike.

Sylvna: Hardly, for starters she dresses like a complete skank, whereas I never step outside unless fashionably attired. Plus what's with that hair?

LVB: What you mean how it changes colour?

Sylvna: Yes, it's weird, you'll note I'm consistently blond even when my mood changes, unlike that other freak.

LVB: Uh...touche.

Sylvna: Not to mention she's a complete sociopath, God I can't believe you mixed us up!

LVB: You're not going to kill us are you?

Sylvna: No I'm not, because I'm good, good people don't go around putting their hands through the chest cavity of lazy journalists who can't be bothered to do a little pre-interview research.

LVB: That's a relief. So what's next for the Good Sylvna?

Sylvna: I might take up archery, it looks like fun.

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