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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Night of the B Movie returns!

There has been a lot of Internet buzz about Night of the B Movie Returns as the nerdesphere has run rampant with speculation about what the 'Returns' part of the title means. For example some believe it signals the third part of the trilogy, except that it's not a trilogy; and furthermore it doesn't mean Lisa Ovies will be onstage in a Princess Lea slave girl dress from Return of the Jedi...but feel free to use your imagination.
It also does not mean a rehash of the same plot with a few unexpected twists and gratuitous nudity thrown in, ala' Return of The Night of the Living Dead, and for the record Lisa Ovies just says no to nudity, gratuitous or otherwise, however...(see above).
Nor does it mean new adventures featuring the same loveable cast of characters like for instance The Return of the Three Musketeers, featuring Lisa Ovies in a cleavage enhancing bodice just aching to be ripped, of course you can just...well you see where I'm going with that.  
No to all of the above. The return in this title you see comes after the subject, signifying 'this is us again,'   not 'here's more of something similar we did in the past,' you get the distinction? of course you do, you're nerds.
While we're at it let's answer a few other burning questions that have been making the rounds concerning Night of the B Movie:
Lisa Ovies is a cyborg brought out only for the run of the play? False.
Lisa Ovies is an alien, which explains why an attractive girl wears a Empire Strikes Back T-shirt? False.
Lisa Ovies is not an alien but she does like to debate the merits of Star Trek TOS versus Star Trek Next Generation and holds the rank of ensign in Starfleet Academy? True.
Flash Gordon was a burned out bum doing soft core porn and working as a male stripper before signing on to Night of the B Movie? True.
The zombies in Night of the B Movie underwent an intensive six-week training course on how to be a zombie, which included living on a diet of nothing but raw brains, before the production started? True.
Night of the B Movie - Oct 19-22 at the Havana Theatre 1212 Commercial Drive, doors at 7:30. 

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