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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Night of the B Movie + audience participation

Audiences are encouraged to sing along at performances of Night of the B Movie, but we didn't expect them to talk along. However at a recent performance two girls sitting in the front row continued to exclaim throughout the evening, "this play is about my life!" ...So we're to assume they've both been chased by zombies and held captive by a evil, I mean Mad Scientist?
Not quite, in a post-show conversation with the two I discovered they related to the play as two closeted nerds, who now inspired by Night of the B Movie vowed to go forth and proclaim their nerdom to the world.
As I'd always suspected there are far more fan boy/girl, geek, nerds out there than were willing to admit it. But we hope we can play a part in letting them see the light so they can breakout the Star Wars designer sheets without shame, and wear their Kirk lives T-shirts with nary the slightest nod to irony.
Don't miss out on Night of the B Movie, the play that will change your life (for the better), three shows left Oct 20,21,22 at the Havana Theatre at 1212 Commercial Drive, doors 7:45

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