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Monday, 13 October 2014

Walking Dead Season 5 - this time it's personal

So season five of The Walking Dead premiered last night and can I just say, holy twisted cannibals Batman!

We knew at the end of season four the Rick's merry band of zombie killers had wandered into a compound of cannibals (not for the long hoped for sanctuary) but knowing it and seeing their human cattle processing are two different things.

In a scene that may be the most disturbing thing ever shown on network TV (okay basic cable) the first five minutes of the season five were riveting, and the pace barely let up from there.

However it begs the question, where does the series go from here? There seemed to be some ambiguity about getting the man with the cure, Eugene Porter, to Washington D.C.

Although to my mind that seems a little contrived, after all, zombie plague - oh here's the guy with the cure, lets gist him to Washington - what exactly is the debate there?

Well, I guess the answer is who really cares as long as they keep dishing up episodes like last night's.

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