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Friday, 25 November 2011

The Loneliest Vampire in NYC the perfect holiday book

Ya it's that crazy time of the year again when we all eat too much, drink too much and spend too much. So what's the antidote for all of you out there with sore tired feet from wondering the mall, subsisting on egg nogg lattes and sugar cookies (do you even like egg nogg)?  
The answer is to carve out some 'me' time from your busy schedule and curl up with the perfect holiday book, The Loneliest Vampire in NYC.
"But that doesn't sound like it's a holiday book, it sounds like it's a little creepy and possibly a little sad," some of you out there are saying to yourselves. That's where you're wrong friends, The Loneliest Vampire in NYC is thrilling and exciting, chalk full of all manner of mystical creatures and the undead. And if severing zombie heads from their bodies doesn't scream yuletide cheer then I sure as heck don't know what does.
But The Loneliest Vampire in NYC isn't just about slicing and dicing the weird things that live in the sewer tunnels it's got romance as well...actually a love triangle, exactly a love triangle and all that entails, rampant jealousy, elicit sex, that's as Xmasy as it gets.
So while your loved ones are flipping channels during those long winter nights, trying desperately to find something other that It's a Wonderful Life to watch, and sizing up household items to grab as potential weapons once the inevitable killing spree begins, you'll be off in a quiet corner with a contented smile on your face.
Why? Because you just finished reading The Loneliest Vampire in NYC, and now you're going to read it again and be transported to far off and imaginary worlds where the only people being killed are evil vampires and werewolves. 
Then when someone offers you egg nogg, instead of snarling, "yeah right bitch like I want to drink cheesecake AND possibly die from salmonella poisoning," you simply smile and say, "no thanks, I have all I need right here." The Loneliest Vampire in NYC now available at, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer (provided of course there's also a Kindle in there.) 

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