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Thursday, 15 September 2011

More rave reviews for Night of the B Movie

Night of the B Movie continues to wow audiences at this year's Vancouver International Fringe Festival. Here are yet more rave reviews from actual people who we actually did not bribe or offer to have sex with.

"Lisa Ovies is so hot as Jennifer sometimes I just want to follow her home and get to know her better and maybe hang out and stuff."

- Future stalker of Lisa Ovies

"The zombies are cute and like brains that's funny."

- The little girl someone keeps letting in who who has a truly strange sense of what's 'cute'.

"Matt Loop is so funny I want to take over the world with him and rule by his side!"

- Future Matt Loop stalker.

"I thought it was a Flat earth Society meeting, but I'm glad it wasn't because this was so much more fun...come to think of it I was never really that into the whole flat earth concept."

- Some weird guy named Crumley or something like that.

"I plan to do my wedding in a Night of the B Movie theme, my fiance will be Flash Gordon and I'll be Kimberly - not Jennifer, cause Jennifer's actually kind of a bitch."

- Girl who probably picked on girls like Jennifer in school.

"Normally I don't see anything that doesn't have dancing cats, but this was the exception, still they should think about putting a cat or two in it."

- Old guy who really liked Cats the musical

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