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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Who is Chester K. Elliot?

Chester K. Elliot born 1873 - died 1909? Bronx County, New York.

American inventor, amateur scientist, investigator of occult phenomenon, author of several non-fiction books including 'New York's Underworld and its Supernatural Inhabitants' (1907, Urban Publishing), founder of the Lower Manhattan School of Parapsychology and rumoured leader of the vampire resistance movement.    
Gave several lectures on parallel universes and alternate realities at Columbia University but never published his hypothesis. Although he did carry on a long correspondence with German physicist Max Planck, which ended when Elliot discovered his letters to Planck were being intercepted and read by the Vampire Secret Service.
Disappeared without a trace after visiting a close friend on the evening of January 1909, missing ever since and presumed dead, possibly the victim of foul play. His sudden disappearance remains a great mystery to this day and has spawned a great many conspiracy theories about who was behind his disappearance and likely his death.
Elliot was survived by his wife Anna Elliot who passed away from heart failure in 1953. 

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